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WhatsApp’s privacy policy update and why everyone is talking about it


On January 4th of this year, WhatsApp published its privacy policy updates online and caused a bit of a frenzy among its users. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it a controversy based around the private message application that is also a Facebook Business now. Rightly so, if you look at the global number of users this App has, it crosses over 2 Billion.

Many are calling the updates a breach of privacy on the private social media giant’s behalf, even after WhatsApp itself cleared misunderstandings around sharing any private users’ data with Facebook. Additionally, this generation’s been known to deal with all things, fun or serious with humor, and that’s why the internet has been having a field day of it. People are relentlessly making and engaging with content that is based around Facebook having access to people’s data through this platform.

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